Speakers List

Saturday 21st  April Jackie Wright
Sunday 22nd April Jackie Wright
Monday 23rd April Jackie Wright

Saturday 28th April Rod Beech
Sunday 29th April Healing Service with Rod
Beech & Christopher Bennett
Monday 30th April Rod Beech

Saturday 5th  May Mick Blacker
Sunday 6th May Linda Bennett
Monday 7th May Bank Holiday Church

Saturday 12th May  No Service
Sunday 13th May Ruth James
Monday 14th May Lynne Edwards

Saturday 19th May Kathy Grindy
Sunday 20th May Kathy Grindy
Monday 21st May Kathy Grindy
Saturday 17th Lynne Edwards
Sunday 18th Lynne Edwards
Monday 19th Lynne Edwards

Saturday 24th Linda Wakefield
Sunday 25th Lynda Wakefield
Monday 26th Lynda Wakefield

Saturday 31st March Cheryl Young

Sunday 1st April Cheryl Young
Monday 2nd April Church Closed - no healing
or afternoon service

Saturday 7th April No Service
Sunday 8th April Amanda Honey
Monday 9th April Jeanette Westwood

Saturday 14th April - No Service
Sunday 15th April Karen Haycock
Monday 17th April Hugh & Margaret Davis
Private Sittings are available with some of our Speakers.  
Contact Diane Close 01902 279214 to check availability and to make bookings -

Stourbridge church membership cards must shown to receive concessionary rate.  
For SNU guidance on Private Sittings click here.
We have a large car park to the rear of the church - access is via the driveway to the side of
the church.