Saturday        1930hrs - 2100hrs Demonstration
Sunday          1830hrs - 2000hrs Divine Service
Monday          1430hrs - 1600hrs Divine Service

Monday          1230hrs - 1345hrs (Before Service)
Thursday       1930hrs - 2045hrs

All are welcome to our Healing sessions.  Many come for the upliftment, easement
and comfort Spiritual Healing brings.  Our Healers are all S.N.U. approved and
trainees are undertaking the supervised S.N.U. Healing Programme.
Private Healing can be arranged by appointment.  An Absent Healing Register is
maintained for those who are not able to attend the church.  Ask any committee
member for assistance.  
SNU Healing Guidance Notes

Social Room
After each Service (Sunday & Monday) we offer complimentary light refreshments
and an opportunity to meet up with like minded people and create new friendships.  
Also we have a Gift Shop, open at these times, offering a lovely range of gift ideas.

If you wish to deepen your understanding of all matters Spiritual we have an
excellent library.  This is open to Church members.
Service & Healing times