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Publication Date: 30 Dec 2010      £10.50 + p&p

Taking up the Challenge is the story of one man's determination to find an answer to the question we will
all ask at some time or another - Is there life after death?  When Eric Hatton's much loved brother was
killed in 1946, he was determined to embark on his own investigation.  Thus began a quest for evidence
which has so far spanned more than six decades.  During that time, Eric has become one of
Spiritualism's best known figures, respected for his transparent integrity and the level headed approach
he brings to the examination of evidence for survival beyond death.  An accomplished speaker and
broadcaster, Eric has shared a platform with many of the greatest mediums the Spiritualist movement
has produced.  Though his experiences of the next word - some of them breathtaking - have left him with a
complete conviction of the reality of the afterlife, his career as a successful businessman has meant that
his feet have always been planted firmly on the ground.  Eric's extraordinary story is at times challenging
and at others heartwarming.  Above all, it is the startlingly honest and inspiring account of a man who had
to find out the truth for himself.
Book Description
Publication Date: July 2012   £7.99 + p&p

In an age where church attendances are falling across the world, a church in the small West Midlands
town of Stourbridge continues to defy those national and international trends, as it has done since its
founding in 1926.  Why should it be that the Spiritualist religion is thriving in a quiet suburb when many city
cathedrals are unable to boost their congregations?  Eric Hatton, the author of this book, would no doubt
say that it is because Spiritualism proclaims a message of crucial importance to everyone - that we
cannot die, and that those in the next world who love us find joy, and in turn bring joy to us, by
communicating from beyond the so-called grave.  While no doubt agreeing with Eric's view. those who
know him well would surely add that Stourbridge National Spiritualist Church has become the beacon it is
today as a result of his inspirational involvement and leadership over almost seventy years.  Here, he tells
the full story of Spiritualism's most successful church with the characteristic openness and gentle humour
for which he is known and loved throughout the movement.
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